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Last year, NBA Star Chris Bosh went through hell trying to see his 3-year-old daughter Trinity. And after several court battles with his ex, Allison Mathis, he was finally allowed to have Trinity come to his NBA Finals game and exhibition game. But the drama is still ensuing and Chris claims Allison is still keeping Trinity from him.

Bosh alleges, ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis is up to her old tricks and not abiding by the agreed custody arrangement. He claims he hasn’t seen his daughter properly in months.

According to sources, newly married Chris Bosh claims Mathis has repeatedly either ignored his requests to see 3-year-old Trinity or only allowed him to see her for fewer days than their custody arrangement dictates.

Bosh filed court papers a few months ago to have Mathis held in contempt – a court date has been set for July 12. But Bosh recently requested to have that date moved up because he says it conflicts with training camp for the U.S. Olympics team.

A judge has yet to rule.