Socialite Paris Hilton may have put her family’s name on the reality TV map, but her aunt Kyle Richards is hot on her tail with a new book and a TV pilot about her life.

Richards’ outspoken personality served her well as a child actress growing up in Hollywood, going head-to-head with her feisty castmates on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and most recently dishing out relationship, fashion and lifestyle advice in her new book, “Life Is Not a Reality Show: Keeping It Real With the Housewife Who Does It All,” published by HarperOne.

In the book, Richards, who has been married for 17 years and is the mother of four girls, offers tips on everything from dealing with infidelity to how to get her signature silky locks.

In a recent interview, she discussed her new projects, her sister Kim Richards’ stint in rehab and her biggest “Housewife” blowout.

AP: How did you come up with the idea for your book?

Richards: I grew up in a house of all women. You know, my mom, my grandmother and my sisters (Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton). … And every time they would come home, my mom would flip the light on and would say, “OK, tell me everything you did from the date, from beginning to the end.”… I used to lay there and pretend I was sleeping and listen to every little crumb — what they did wrong, what they didn’t do. … It was the best education you could ever get. And once I started the show and people saw my relationship with my husband, I got so many comments and questions on Twitter that I really thought it would be fun to talk about things that worked for me.

AP: What is one of the biggest mistakes that women make in relationships?

Richards: A lot people want love, but they don’t give it. I see so many of my friends with their husbands; they don’t think that they need the same attention as we do. I want my husband to feel like no one is going to love and adore him like I do. … You’d be surprised when you give that how much love you get in return.

AP: Do you have any regrets about this season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”? How about your argument with castmate Brandi Glanville on Game Night?

Richards: Brandi and the Game Night thing is probably my biggest regret of everything we’ve done on the “Housewives.” Even more so than the limo fight with my sister (Kim). Because in the limo with my sister, even though I got a lot of heat from that, people were angry, that’s what I was feeling … but with Game Night, that’s just not who I am, period. I was not being true to myself and to me that’s the worst thing that could happen.

AP: How is Kim doing in rehab?

Richards: She’s good. You know, there are rumors that she had left rehab, she did not. She’s doing really well, and I’m just really happy and proud of her for making that decision.

AP: So what’s next?

Richards: I just sold a pilot, a half-hour sitcom. I can’t say which network, but it’s about my life. It’s basically my life being a juggling mom, wife and being on a reality show.

AP: If you don’t play yourself, which Hollywood starlet would you like to play you?

Richards: I would want it to be somebody that’s really funny and could capture the humor of being a mom and all the humor that comes with being on a reality show, so maybe Jennifer Aniston or Jenny McCarthy. I don’t know, someone really funny.

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