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Shamont Lyle Sapp, an Oklahoma bank robber, is suing Actor Jamie Foxx and Actor/Director Tyler Perry for stealing his idea for a movie called…The Skank Robbers. The comedy, as envisioned by Foxx and Perry, will star those two along with Martin Lawrence as a trio of lady bank robbers. The lady thieves will be Lawrence’s Sheneneh from Martin, Foxx’s Wanda from In Living Color and Perry’s Madea.

Sapp, who according to TMZ is currently serving jail time for 10 bank robberies, filed a lawsuit claiming he gave Foxx and Perry the idea for the project, and was subsequently cut out.

According to court papers, Sapp’s idea actually had the three characters in a drama set in a mental hospital: “A male white mental patient takes Madea hostage … He deals with phone calls from the negotiators, as Madea actually pleads for her life in a very sad tear-jerking way … Her pleas are to be very sad. No jokes at all.” (Side Note: This guy sounds about as good at writing movies as he is at robbing banks.)

Sapp may have an easier time getting a job as a teller than winning this lawsuit…TMZ posted a video of Foxx and Lawrence doing a “Skank Robbers” sketch at the BET Awards in 2009, which aired a full month before Sapp pitched his idea to Perry.

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