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It’s been a long time coming for Chrissy and Jimmy’s relationship and after seven years of ups and downs, fights with Mama Jones and a secret Miami getaway, it seems like Jimmy finally manned up on last night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop” and popped the question to Chrissy! Yay!

Even though I was expecting a little bit more for a marriage proposal, maybe some flowers, candles, and a violinist playing in the background, it was still sweet of Jimmy to fly down to Miami, surprise Chrissy and give her what she’s always wanted, THE RING!

I guess Chrissy telling Jimmy that she was fed up with his BS and wanted a break shook Jimmy and brought him back to reality *cue R. Kelly’s song, “When A Woman’s Fed Up” now* because Chrissy was telling the girls during their Miami getaway that he was making it hard for her to walk away, calling her every five minutes and wouldn’t let her be without him. (Awww)

In case you missed Jimmy’s proposal, check it out here!

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In other “Love and Hip Hop” news, Erica and Yandy have a sit down and discuss the fight between her and Kimbella. Yandy makes it very clear that her and Erica are not friends, and the fight between her and her “Pud” hit a little too close to home. Yandy decides that she can’t manage Erica’s singing career, but she passes her off to Rich, thinking that he would be a better fit.

I guess Yandy had other problems to deal with, like the ongoing beef between her and Chrissy and how it’s affecting her relationship/business with Jimmy. She sits down with Juelz Santana and talks about how upset she is that Chrissy is coming between her friendship and business relationship with Jimmy and she doesn’t know if she can do it anymore. After a long discussion and tears, Yandy decides that she can’t handle the stress anymore and steps down as Jimmy’s manager. Ouch!

I guess Chrissy definitely isn’t feeling Yandy’s decision to step down because on the preview of next week’s episode it looked like Yandy and Chrissy had a few choice words!

When will these girls learn to leave Chrissy alone!!


What did you think about this week’s episode?

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