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Instead of dropping an F-bomb, comedienne Kathy Griffin dropped her dress during CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live special Saturday night.

Griffin, who has co-hosted the special from Times Square with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper for the last several years, stripped down to her bra and underwear shortly before midnight. Griffin, 51, eventually put her clothes back on, but not before she danced in front of revelers and hit on (married) CNN contributor and former Presidential adviser David Gergen.

“Gonna admit, a little bummed I’m not in jail, after my CNN new year’s strip down so Cher could show up with my Mom & bail [money],” Griffin tweeted late Saturday night.

Griffin previously created a stir by cursing on the air during CNN’s New Year’s coverage in 2009 and 2010. She was relatively well-behaved last year after CNN threatened to pull her off the air and take back her paycheck.