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After last week’s web-created buzz and speculation that Beyonce had given birth in New York City to a daughter she named Tiana-May Carter, a food blog reported that the singer was spotted out at a Brooklyn restaurant on New Year’s Eve.

That means Bey is still pregnant.

Food Republic reported that Beyonce and husband Jay-Z were on their way to Buttermilk Channel in the rapper’s native Brooklyn to celebrate the coming of 2012 and presumably their first child together.

The blog reported that Beyonce, the Hova and the Babyonce in her belly were seated a table in the back.

While women no longer stay in the hospital that long after giving birth, it would have been way too soon for Mrs. Carter to be out in public after childbirth. Also, it’s quite unlikely that brand new parents would leave their newborn the day after its birth to go out to dinner.

Beyonce did not respond to the rash of rumors that sprouted up last week, despite the fact that her pregnancy has been marred by speculation. There has been some major confusion about her due date and the lingering, nagging gossip that her baby bump is a prosthetic.

Looks like Beyonce Baby Watch continues through 2012.