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The girls are still trying to hook Mama Ev up  on blind dates! On this week’s episode of “Braxton Family Values”, Towanda decided to try and hook her mother up with one of her friends. The only problem is that this guy is super young, 27 years old to be exact. “Where is his Daddy for God’s sake?!” Mama Ev jokes during the date. I’m wondering the same thing! Looks like Ev is trying to get her groove back! Go head then!

Then it was time for Towanda to celebrate her birthday. The family decided to dress up as their favorite celebrities for the birthday bash and really got into full character during dinner. Tamar (of course) dressed up as Beyonce, Toni as Eartha Kit, Trina as Paris Hilton, Papa Braxton as Flavor Flav and Mama Ev as Tina Turner. Everything was all fun and games, that is until one of their close friends showed up dressed as Tamar! Hilarious!! Check out the clip from Towanda’s birthday bash here!

After Towanda’s party, the family seemed to be getting along great until they had another get together at Tamar’s house. Tamar and Trina had a few choice words with each other which lead to Tamar storming out, upset with her sister and saying that she felt physically threatened. The two decide to go to counseling to try and patch up their differences, but it seems like there are some deeper rooter issues here that is causing them to have such bad arguments.

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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