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          It was just a few years ago, QB Donovan McNabb was leading the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl.  It was just last year he signed a huge contract to be the Washington Washington Football Team new leader.  As recently as this summer, McNabb was traded to the Minnesota Vikings, a team that had been on the brink of a Super Bowl season, but needed a seasoned, veteran QB to lead them.  In comes McNabb.  The rest, is well, not quite what the Vikings or McNabb expected.  After a poor 1-5 start, McNabb was replaced by rookie Chris Ponder, and ultimately was placed on waivers Friday.  Wow, who would have thought  Donovan McNabb’s career would submarine so quickly.  We all questioned Philly coach Andy Reid’s decision to trade McNabb a couple of years ago, but did Reid know something we didn’t?  Could this be the end of the road for D-Mac?