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A Wisconsin man who allegedly attacked a fellow guest at a Thanksgiving Day dinner after she ignored his claim to a specific chair at the dining table has been charged with attempted homicide.

Kendrick Carr, 23, allegedly pulled a foot-long butcher knife on the woman after she refused to stand up from the chair he said he wanted to sit in, according to the criminal complaint filed in Racine County Circuit Court on Monday.

The woman defended herself with a broom and was unharmed, according to the complaint.

When the woman declined to give up the chair, Carr, who is 5-feet, 4-inches tall and weighs 110 pounds, began to throw things around his girlfriend’s Racine apartment, where the dinner took place.

He then ran into the kitchen, grabbed the knife and returned to the dining area where he allegedly tried to slash the woman while Carr’s girlfriend ran to a neighbor’s apartment and called police.

In addition to attempted homicide, Carr also faces disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property and first degree reckless endangerment charges.