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Actress Zoë Saldana is featured in this month’s “W” Magazine with her sisters Mariel and Cisley in an article called “Soul Sisters” about the sisterly bonds between the women.

In the article, the sisters discuss how close they are and how they have to live near each other.

“Because we’ve had to survive so many things, there’s this special bond that connects us,” says actress Zoë Saldana (center), 33, of her sisters Cisely (left), 32, a producer, and Mariel (right), 34, a nurse.

“We were raised in Queens, New York, until my father passed away when I was 9. Our mom, being a single parent, didn’t want us to grow up in a dangerous place, so she moved us to the Dominican Republic, where we stayed with my grandparents. Our mom would live with us there for one year and then spend one year in New York so she could make money to send back home for us. It’s inconceivable for us to be separated. We have to be around each other 24/7.”

And she’s not speaking metaphorically: When Zoë moved to L.A. from New York 5 years ago to pursue her film career (Avatar, Star Trek), her sisters quickly followed her. These days, they live within nine miles of each other. “I text my mom once a day,” says Zoë. “But my sisters? Every 30 minutes we’re on BlackBerry Messenger.”