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After news broke Tuesday morning that Tameka Raymond filed a petition against her ex-husband Usher for custody and more child support, there’s more to the story. Tameka’s lawyer issued a statement and it’s beginning to look like a bit of a “he said, she said” situation.

Lisa West, legal counsel for Tameka Raymond, says that Tameka’s filing was not a ploy for custody and more money, it was simply a response to Usher’s own initial request for (more) custody from this past January.

West defends Tameka’s decision to protect her children from being shuffled around the world on a constant basis.

According to attorney Lisa West, “Ms. Raymond desires nothing more than for Mr. Raymond to have a relationship and spend quality time with their two children as consistently as possible. She, however, has never been willing to sacrifice their children’s safety and welfare in her efforts to forge such a relationship and has vigorously fought to ensure the children are reared in a stable home environment.”

West goes on to say the recent news of Tameka’s filing was part of Usher’s retaliation efforts. All because Tameka demanded to see her children – which Usher prevented her from doing – during the holidays last year and other times.

Lisa West’s statement continues:

Unfortunately, Ms. Raymond’s efforts have caused her to be subjected to repeated instances of retaliation by Mr. Raymond, most especially when she has expressed concerns over his lifestyle and its effects upon their children. Although Mr. Raymond’s actions of refusing to abide by the child support provisions and financial terms of the divorce decree are instances of his retaliation against Ms. Raymond, the most evident instance was the custody petition he filed in January 2011 after she refused to allow their 2- and 3-year-old children to accompany him on his tour to Germany and other parts of the world.

And before you are quick to believe everything Mr. Raymond says, Tameka’s counsel says most of his petition was made up of lies in order to gain custody of the kids himself:

Although media reports have failed to mention the fabricated claims in Mr. Raymond’s petition to which Ms. Raymond was responding, those who actually know both of them know the truth.

Lisa west says, “While Mr. Raymond has chosen to fight this battle in the public, Ms. Raymond’s interests lie in fighting only for the best interests of her children.”

Expect the saga to continue…

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