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The cold hand of fake recently touched the world of hip-hop and R&B.

“I’m Great ppl 4 all who keep asking! Alive and well! Enjoy ya night tweeps!” Missy Elliott tweeted Saturday after falling prey to the latest celebrity death hoax.

In response to a concerned fan the next day, she added, “Yea Sadly sum1 was that miserable to make up such a cruel rumor! It Makes me work harder make em mad!”

But Missy didn’t not meet her maker alone.

Akon, who’s alive, well and helping others, also got killed off for no perceivable reason.

He tweeted from the Atlanta area.

“Feels good to feed 500 families this year for Thanksgiving.”

But Missy, who was also the victim of a found-dead-in-Malibu hoax in March, is tweeting enough outrage for the both of them.

“I’m done addressing the foolishness!” she tweeted Sunday. “IM ALIVE! God will deal with those who play about things like that!”

It’s unclear where these particular rumors started. There’s no trace of any stories mentioning Missy or Akon on the Global Associated News site, which has presided over the fake deaths of Adam Sandler, Will Smith, Tiger Woods, Eddie Murphy and many more.

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