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In 20 years of marriage DMX and his wife, Tashera Simmons, have been though a lot; quick success, numerous lock-ups, infidelity, drug addiction and rehab all while raising four children. They separated in July 2010, but now the couple, still best friends according to TMZ, want to work it out on national television. “Relationship Rehab,” a VH1 spin-off of “Celebrity Rehab,” will begin filming in December.

The couple has gone back and forth in their relationship, especially after taking part in the reality show, “DMX: Soul of a Man.” After the show aired four women came forward and said they had children who were receiving child support payments from DMX. When Tashera found out about this she told Vibe magazine, “I have kids and I definitely don’t want my daughter to think that that’s OK. The drugs already was too much but then the cheating, I didn’t even know he had time to do that.”

But with X and Tashera both having invested so much time in the marriage maybe they will be able to move on and begin building a better future for themselves and their four children. No word yet on when the series will air.