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The Friday crew is coming together. More than 15 years after the film became a cult classic, spawning two sequels, Ice Cube is pushing for a third. Cube has been reaching out to the original cast of the hit franchise (including Chris Tucker and Tiny Lister), and most recently talked to John Witherspoon to reprise his role as Cube’s father Willie Jones.

Though the others have not made any firm commitments to the project, Witherspoon tells TMZ he’s game: “I said, ‘HELL YEAHHHH! I am ready to do this!”

The 69-year-old actor is most excited for the eye candy that comes with working on Ice Cube’s set. “One thing for sure that I do look forward to seeing on the set is pretty girls,” he said bluntly. “Cube always has bunch fine women on the set. I am an old Black man, how could I not look forward to taping with a bunch of pretty girls surrounding the set?”