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Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson impersonates struggling Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain in mock campaign commercial posted this week on comedy video website Funny or Die.

Tyson begins by introducing himself as “the man who’s been yelling the number nine on your TV,” poking fun at Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan.

He makes no reference to recent allegations that Cain sexually harassed 4 women, but paints the ex-pizza magnate as off the wall.

Tyson explains that he’s doing well in the Republican national polls because “the Tea Party loves crazy more than they love black.”

After a history of truancy and juvenile delinquency that began when he was 8 years old, Mr. Tyson discovered boxing at age 12 while serving time in a reformatory in upstate New York. Under the tutelage of a noted fight trainer, Cus D’Amato, Mr. Tyson became, at age 20, the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history.

Since that achievement, however, the Mike Tyson story has been more tragic than triumphant, with repeated episodes of aggressive behavior toward strangers he met in nightclubs.

You can watch the whole video below. At least Tyson did a bang-up job covering up that face tattoo.