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Music icon Whitney Houston sat down with Jordin Sparks for a joint interview with “Entertainment Tonight” to discuss their new film project.

“It’s bigger that what we thought,” that’s how Whitney Houston describes the vibe around the set of “Sparkle”.

Monday night, Whitney and Jordin Sparks made an appearance on “ET” to discuss the remake of the 1976 musical “Sparkle, which they are currently filming in Detroit. The two ladies had nothing but kind words to say about each other and Whitney explained how she joined the cast.

“I got a call from my partner Debra Martin and she said, ‘You’re not going to believe this, but Sparkle has been picked up and they want to do a film.’ I was like ‘You’re kidding, after 35 years later?’ She was like ‘They want to do this film with you and they are so serious’ and I’m like, ‘Are you serious, for real?’ She said ‘Yeah’ and the process began and for me I was just like what do I have to do?”

According to film director Debra Martin, they have been attempting to remake “Sparkle” for 11 years and Aaliyah was originally cast to be the lead.

“Whitney and I used to be producing partners and one of our favorite movies was Sparkle. Warner Bros. owned it, so we approached them and we went into development, with Aaliyah as the lead. My good friend, the late E. Lynn Harris wrote the screenplay and we were going to shoot it either right before or after Matrix 2 when Aaliyah died tragically. It was sitting on the shelf for years and I would go back to Warner Bros every year, but they weren’t interested. One night I was having dinner with the head of Sony Pictures, Michael Lynton, and Sparkle came up. He said, ‘I’d make that movie.’ So now here we are, two years later, in production.”

Later, Jordin Sparks said that Whitney’s struggles in the business and her personal life have inspired her to keep going and be the best that she can be in the music field.