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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is on the defense after finding out an unnamed female had been shopping nude pictures of him to various media outlets.

One website contacted, posted a message from the woman who is “looking to sell the photo for financial gain.”

The seller claims that Vick, 31, sent her a full frontal shot that was snapped in the hotel where the Eagles stay while in Dallas, Texas.

“The photo was taken less than a year ago and their is no way of denying it’s him due to all the tats that appear all over his body including his signature super man tattoo ,” she writes.

The woman also claims to have photos of herself with Vick, letters from him while he served time in prison in 2007 for his involvement in a dog fighting ring, as well as various text messages.

“I can give your site exclusives and tons of materials to keep the story valid and attention coming,” adds the woman, who wants to remain anonymous.

Vick is currently engaged to the mother of his two children Kijafa Frink.

Reportedly, Michael Vick’s managers have said that he has better things to worry about, not denying that the photos exist.

“The rest of what this woman is claiming isn’t worth dignifying.”