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After deliberating for less than two days, jurors have have found Michael Jackson’s personal physician Conrad Murray GUILTY of causing Jackson’s death in 2009 from an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol.

During the trial, prosecutors painted Murray as an incompetent doctor who administered a lethal dose of a powerful anesthetic that killed Michael Jackson.

The verdict against Dr. Conrad Murray marked the latest chapter in one of pop culture’s most shocking tragedies — the death of the King of Pop on the eve of the singer’s heavily promoted comeback concerts.

Murray sat stone-faced and showed little reaction at the verdict.

There was a shriek in the courtroom when the verdict was read, and the crowd erupted outside the courthouse. The judge polled the jury, and each juror answered “yes” when asked whether their verdict was guilty.

The jury deliberated less than nine hours. Murray, 58, faces a sentence of up to four years in prison. He could also lose his medical license.

The judge has given jurors the option to talk to the press about the trial if they choose. Each juror, however, has to wait 90 days before profitting from their story.

By attorney request, the judge also stated that Dr. Conrad Murray will be sentenced on November 29. He will be held in County custody without bail until then, as he is considered a public safety threat.

Jurors heard nearly a full day of closing arguments Thursday from attorneys from both sides.

An attorney for Murray told jurors Thursday that his client would never have been put on trial were it not for Jackson’s celebrity.

“Somebody’s got to say it: If it were anybody else but Michael Jackson, if it were anybody else, would this doctor be here today?” defense attorney Ed Chernoff told jurors.

The defense also accused prosecutors of playing on the emotions of jurors by repeatedly showing them a photo of Jackson’s children in an effort to paint Jackson as a victim.

Jackson died on June 25, 2009, and details of his final days dribbled out over several months.

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