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Comedienne/Actress Wanda Sykes says it didn’t take her long to decide to have both breasts removed.

“I just wanted the best odds,” Sykes, 47, said. “I made my decision because I love life.”

Wanda Sykes was diagnosed with DCIS [ductal carcinoma in situ], a noninvasive type of breast cancer, after having a breast reduction in February. “My first thought was, ‘Really? Me, breast cancer?’ I just couldn’t believe it,” she says. “But I knew this was doable.”

She underwent a bilateral mastectomy in August, and spent the next month healing at home with her wife, Alex. “I was miserable. Every day I had to change the bandages and look at it, and it was not pretty at all,” says Sykes. “I just wanted my life back.”

Sykes returned to her stand-up tour in October and says her recovery was expedited by the support of her friends and family, including Alex and their twins, 2-year-old Olivia and Lucas.

“We never hid anything from the kids. They were a huge part of my decision because I wanted to be around for them,” Sykes says. “I feel whole again, I really do. I’ve told them, ‘Mommy’s boo-boo is much better now.’ ”