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Serena Williams reportedly locked herself in a panic room last week after she thought a drug tester who appeared at her house early in the morning was a burglar.

According to TMZ, Law enforcement sources say Serena’s assistant called 911 around 6AM last Wednesday, reporting a possible burglar or prowler. It was so serious, we’re told Serena retreated to her panic room for safe keeping in case things got dangerous.

But we’re told, it was a false alarm — the person on Serena’s security camera was a random drug tester for an unspecified tennis association, stopping by Serena’s pad unannounced.

Police came but realized the mistake. TMZ didn’t know whether Serena eventually submitted to the test.

There are plenty of holes in this story (ie. why did they think the drug tester was an intruder), but given Serena’s previous run-in with a stalker, being overly cautious is always the right move.

As for the fact that it was an eventual drug tester, surely there are some better methods to collection. Drug testing is only effective if it’s unannounced, but you’d think they could at least give a five-minute “we’re on the way” heads up.