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          Republican Presidential front-runner Herman Cain has accused fellow candidate Rick Perry and his camp of leaking the story of his alleged sexual harrassment issues.  A Cain spokesperson called the Texas Governor’s actions “dispicable”, and says the Perry camp should offer an immediate apology to Mr. Cain.  However, Perry’s campaign has responded by saying they had absolutely nothing to do with Cain’s problems or the leaking of the story.  Most observers close to the Cain campaign felt it was inevitable that these charges would become public, and despite having ten days to get ahead of the story, Mr. Cain did not address the story until a reporter started to question him about the accusations.  When asked if Mitt Romney’s camp could have leaked the story, the Perry spokesman said “Sure”.  Now a third woman has chimed in, she too, says she was a victim of Cain’s harrassment while with the National Restaurant Association.

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