Kris Jenner has been carrying a secret around since the death of her best friend Nicole Brown Simpson: the Kardashian matriarch believes she could have saved Nicole’s life the night she was murdered.

In a new memoir, Kris says that the fateful events of June 12, 1994, might have been averted if she had done things differently.


In the book, Kris recounts that Nicole called on that night, saying she needed to talk.

“Nicole said, ‘Can you get over here…? I need to talk to you. It’s really important,’ ” Kris writes.

But the mom of six was too busy with her own family at the time and had to reschedule the meeting for the following day.

Nicole insisted that she and Kris the two meet soon, because there was “something really, really important” to discuss.

Kris says that conversation “would be the last time I would ever speak to Nicole.”

The next morning, she awoke to the news that Nicole had been murdered, and Kris says she “instinctively knew that in some way O.J. [Simpson] had something to do with her death.”

“I truly couldn’t believe she had been so betrayed by the person who she had once loved most. That O.J. would be so destructive and selfish and jealous that he would do that to her was just mind-blowing to me. All these thoughts were running through my mind. This can’t be true,” Kris writes.

When Kris learned what Nicole wanted to reveal, she was even more in shock—proof of years of physical abuse at the hands of her former husband.

“Nicole had been beaten up by O.J. and she had been keeping this in physical proof in the form of photographs and, it would, turn out, other evidence, in which she had documented 17 years of abuse.”

Kris said Nicole was turning to her so that she could be “a witness” if necessary and that it hit her hard that she had let her friend down.

O.J. stood trial and was found not guilty in Nicole’s murder, though he was ordered to pay up $34 million to her and Ron Goldman’s families.

In the ultimate irony, Kris’ first husband, Robert Kardashian (whom she was divorced from by 1994), was a member of the legal “dream team” that helped get Simpson acquitted in his murder trial.

The book, Kris Jenner…and All Things Kardashian, goes on sale today (November 1).

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