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Supermodel and Project Runway host, Heidi Klum, is a huge fan of Halloween. This year Heidi managed to top herself yet again at her annual extravagant Halloween Party held Saturday at Tao at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

Klum revealed more than she ever has before, sorta, as a skinless corpse with yellow prosthetic teeth, red contact lenses, and a bald head cap.

And the married mom of four, wearing platform heels, entered the red carpet appropriately… passed out on a gurney, escorted by two bloodstained doctors!

“This is my thirteenth Halloween party this year and I wanted something different,” Klum told reporters on the red carpet after her grand entrance. “I was thinking how it would look if I had all my skin ripped off, and so…voila!”

Klum wore a bodysuit designed and hand-painted by Martin Izquierdo, who created the wings for Victoria’s Secret shows.

“We started in July,” Klum explained to Us Weekly. “We started with a body suit that was white. And then, basically, everything had to be hand-painted.” Izquierdo used anatomical photos of the human body to accurately render the bones and muscles.”

Once Izquierdo and his team were done, putting on the bodysuit itself was a cinch, Klum said. “It has a zipper in the back!”

It took about three-and-a-half hours with a makeup artist to achieve the rest of her look, though. “I don’t mind that,” Klum said. “I’ve been body-painted for 12 hours, so three-and-a-half hours is not that bad.”

Klum’s four kids with husband Seal, however, won’t get a glimpse of their mom’s frightening Saturday night getup. “Yeah, this one was too scary. They would be very scared to see me!”

But her adorable brood is all set for the big day on Monday. Youngest daughter Lou, or “Lulu” is “a witch…She has a purple and green witch outfit with spiders all over,” Klum revealed. Sons Henry, 6, and Johan, 4, “have these outfits with really long tails,” she explained. “It’s like a dragon mixed with a devil.”

Her eldest, daughter Leni, “is going to be a mixture between a devil and an angel. She has a red dress with these big wings. We picked this one together!”

Klum, whose Halloween parties and over-the-top costumes have become legendary, will sport another costume on Monday night for her second bash in New York.

The former Victoria’s Secret catwalker will channel her inner ape with monkey ears, a hairy bodysuit and fangs.