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Start off the new year on the right foot and get organized! Here are a few tips to help you on your way to a more orderly 2010 from the folks at ehow.com:

GET PACKED UP. The first thing you should do in the new year is to pack away all your holiday decorations. Pick a specific date that you want everything (including holiday cards) to be put away. In the two weeks leading up to that date, work on your goal EVERY DAY for 15-30 minutes. Set a timer to keep yourself on track. If you have more energy to continue, set the timer for an additional 15-30 minutes.

Beat the post-holiday bulge

BE TAX READY. Do you spend gobs of time looking for all the things you need to prepare your taxes? Don’t let that happen this year. Instead, create a folder (or use a box) to collect all your tax documents and keep them in ONE, specific location. By doing this, you avoid running around your home or office looking for them. Also, don’t forget to label your box or folder (e.g., 2010 Taxes).


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