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Last week, it was reported that there was a lot of drama surrounding the “casting” of Fantasia Barrino as Mahalia Jackson in an upcoming film, and now the production company behind the film has come to the defense of Fantasia.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the company clears up the rumors about the movie’s financing and how the Jackson family feels about Fantasia.

Here’s their statement:

“Double Dutch Productions, LLC. (DDP) extends apologies to Fantasia Barrino for the inaccurate, non-factual and disparaging statements of Ms. Barrino’s reputation, character and image, that was stated in the October 7, 2011 article of the NY Post column. The comments made in the article by financing broker Adrian Taylor, were not authorized, approved or condoned by the producers of DDP. The information and comments expressed within this article regarding the project were solely those of Adrian Taylor. Taylor is not an employee of this production company nor an active participant of any facet in the producing of this film. Taylor has been reprimanded on two previous occasions for speaking to the press about this project. He was told that he was not a spokesperson nor a producer of the film, nor involved in the production or publicity of the film. Mr. Taylor’s credit of Executive Producer will be valid only pending a final contract for financing. DDP and its producers disavow any statements or comments attributed to this article that were inappropriately made. Mr. Taylor does not speak for this company or the production of this film.

The Mahalia Jackson family has not made any negative comments non-what-so ever about Ms. Barrino and her participation in this film project.

We at DDP want to assure Ms. Barrino that in no way are we responsible for the information that was included in the article. ANY FUTURE COMMENTS FROM OUTSIDE PARTIES REGARDING THIS FILM THAT ARE NOT DIRECTLY PROVIDED BY DDP OR ITS PUBLICIST WILL BE DEEMED AS VOID, BOGUS AND INACCURATE.”

Last week, the NY Post reported, the estate of Mahalia Jackson is not feeling Fantasia Barrino playing the role of the late gospel singer in a biopic due out in the fall of 2012, because she is having a child out of wedlock for the second time.

“The family thinks if Fantasia plays the role, it’s going to sully the name of Mahalia. They think she’s got the wrong image, having a child out of wedlock,” executive producer for the film, Adrian Taylor, told the New York Post.

Fantasia, 27, is six months pregnant and the father of her child is her married boyfriend Antwaun Cook. This could be another reason Mahalia Jackson’s estate is not comfortable with Barrino playing the iconic gospel singer.

Well…..I guess that clears up things.