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“Die Hard,” the 1988 action thriller that propelled Bruce Willis to movie stardom, came out on July 15. “Die Hard 2: Die Harder” was released July 6 two years later. “Die Hard: With a Vengeance” followed on May 19, five years later, and “Live Free or Die Hard” was released June 27, 2007.

It seems as though the Die Hard franchise is ready to take the series to the next level.

In a strange move Fox Filmed Entertainment announced the fifth Die Hard movie. The film will, of course, star Bruce Willis as John McClane, and will be titled “A Good Day to Die Hard.”

Filming of the movie is set to start in January and already has the release date of February 14, 2013. This might make Willis a very busy man seeing how he is said to have a major role in the “Expendables” sequel. For the first time in franchise history McClane will be going international as this film is set in Russia.

The story revolves around McClane going out to Moscow to attempt to sweet talk some Russian cops into releasing his son from jail. Of course nothing goes to plan in a Die Hard movie and somehow McCain has to save the world from some terrorists. There is still no word on who will be playing McClane’s son in the movie, or how big of a role the son will play in the movie.

Willis handpicked the director of the film, John Moore who directed “Max Payne,” “The Omen,” and “Behind Enemy Lines.”

2013 is already shaping up to be a big movie year with a new version of “Superman” set for a June 14, 2013 release date. Seeing how the “Die Hard” franchise has had John McClane saving hostages from a Los Angeles office building, battling mercenaries who threatened to crash an airplane, taken on internet terrorists and gone up against a bomber, we can only assume that the sixth movie will feature Bruce Willis in space saving the solar system.

The four previous “Die Hard” movies have grossed a total of about $530 million worldwide.