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Last year, reports surfaced that Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men had been cheating on his wife for the past 9 years with another woman, and justifying his adultery by his Israelite faith. Some say, the faith allows its male followers to marry up to seven women.

Sources claimed swimsuit model Avonte “Cherie” Wright began a relationship with Stockman before he married his wife Sharhonda Jones in 2001. Cherie and Stockman allegedly continued their relationship after his marriage. Unfortunately, according to the source, Stockman’s wife had been oblivious to this fact. Sharhonda Stockman gave birth to twin boys in 2003.

Reportedly, Cherie and Stockman’s “spiritual marriage” ended earlier this year, when she discovered that he had other spiritual relationships with women in Hawaii and New York.

This is not new information, but it’s getting new life because Avonte is on the new season of VH1′s “Tough Love Miami”, a relationship bootcamp that prepares its participants for love. Coincidentally, Shawn Stockman is the host of an NBC reality show, “The Sing Off”, that premiered Monday, September 19th.

“Tough Love Miami” premieres Sunday, October 2 on VH1.

Avonte “Cherie” Wright’s VH1 “Tough Love Miami” bio reads:

At 36, Avonte is the oldest member of Steve’s “Tough Love Miami” Bootcamp and perhaps the woman with the most to lose. Avonte spent the past 9 years as the mistress to a celebrity, wasting her late 20′s and early 30′s on a dead end relationship that left her with deep, emotional scars. Now, she’s back in the dating scene with no idea how to treat a prospective suitor and walls so high, it would take a rock climber to scale them. Trust is Avonte’s biggest issue and she constantly tests the men she dates to see if they are worthy of her affection. Her challenge at bootcamp is to show a softer side and open herself up to love again. And hopefully, this time it will be with a man who will value her as his one and only, and not his ‘woman on the side’.

Not to rehash the whole deal, but Avonte was there before the wife, so she probably doesn’t feel bad about dude getting put on blast. Their relationship allegedly included lots of international travel, lavish gifts, cash and a small part on Boyz II Men’s “The Remedy” album.

In a recent interview, Wright said:

“Once I left that situation and received counsel, I see why everyone thought that I was in a ‘cult’ because of the religion that drove that relationship.”