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Actress Raven-Symone is finding out the hard way that growing up is hard to do.

Raven-Symone who first gained popularity as the adorable granddaughter on “The Cosby Show”, and later became a squeaky-clean tween fixture on the Disney Channel, is finding the road to more adult projects a bit bumpy, despite attracting attention for a slimmed-down figure after losing about 40 pounds.

Her latest project was “State of Georgia,” an ABC family comedy that starred Raven-Symone as an aspiring actress who leaves the South to become a big star. The comedy, which ran last summer, was canceled Friday after failing to attract viewers.

The cancellation is the latest in a string of notable stumbles, including a movie flop (“College Road Trip”), an aborted “pajama party” stadium tour and a low-selling album. In the series, Raven-Symone continued much of the over-the-top mugging on display in “That’s So Raven,” one of the longest-running hits on the Disney Channel.

During an interview in July, Raven-Symone was a bit testy and abrupt, downplaying her career shortfalls and declining to discuss her strikingly different appearance. “I lost the weight by accident,” she said bluntly.

In other ABC Family news, the network has renewed “Make It or Break It” and given a back-order pickup to its new drama, “The Lying Game.” Executives also announced the development of four new pilots including two comedies and two dramas.