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According to reports, the CW network is going to move ahead with a project based on “The Carrie Diaries”, a series of books written by Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell.

The series follows Carrie Bradshaw before she became a leading women’s columnist and novelist, way back in the early 1980s, when she was still a teenager in high school.

The Carrie Diaries is a fairly new literary series, launched for the first time in 2010. The first book in the series deals with Carrie’s relationship with Sebastian Kydd and her problems with popular girl, Donna LaDonna.

The second part of the series, which was published in April 2011, was titled “Summer and the City: A Carrie Diaries Book”. It revolves around Carrie’s first trip to New York City. The book series has been so successful that Bushnell has signed on to do two more installments.

Last month, Sex and the City producer Michael Patrick King stated to reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that he would not be involved in any prequel to his hit HBO series. He also indicated that he wasn’t in favor of the story going backwards, instead of forwards.

He revealed, “My Carrie Bradshaw started at 33 and I took her to 43. I didn’t even want to know who Carrie Bradshaw’s parents were because I thought she only existed in Manhattan. So for me, the idea of going backwards and making her less evolved is something I don’t imagine doing.”

Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Carrie on the TV show and in the two movies, will not be involved.

Parker has ruled out any involvement with any TV shows, saying: “There’s not a TV series that I’m part of. No film either – not for the near future. And it doesn’t feel sad.”