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Talk about being born under a good sign.

The winner of a $107 million Powerball lottery jackpot is the son of the millionaire president of Marriot hotels, according to reports.

Brian McCarthy, 25, bought the winning ticket on a whim after stopping at a Herndon, Virginia, grocery store to hit the ATM.

His father, Robert McCarthy, earned $1.2 million in 2009, according to Forbes magazine.

Upon learning of his win, his grandmother reportedly said, “You deserve it . . . Can I make you a grilled cheese sandwich?”

McCarthy opted to receive his winnings in a one-time $68.4 million payout, instead of in 26 annual payments.

His first splurge following his stroke of good fortune was buying a BMW M3, the Fairfax Times reports.

He also made a total of $50,000 in charitable contributions to two Herndon-based nonprofits, the paper reports.

It also isn’t his first brush with luck. McCarthy has won $1000 prizes twice before in scratch-off prizes, according the Fairfax Times.