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“Real Housewives of New York” Bethenny Frankel keeps her 15-month-old daughter Bryn on a strict vegetarian diet. Critics say she’s way too young to worry about being a SkinnyGirl.

While other kids are eating pureed versions of whatever they can get, the daughter of Frankel, 40, is on a strictly vegetarian diet.

“As far as raising Bryn as a vegetarian, that was a personal choice,” Bethenny wrote on her website.

While Frankel’s daughter with husband Jason Hoppy doesn’t consume any meat, she’s not off all animal products.

“I chose not to have her be vegan because I believe she needs the fat and protein in milk,” Frankel wrote. “Sometimes I need her to fill up on organic cheese. Her health comes first.”

Children are a blank slate, Frankel wrote, so it’s best to instill in her good eating habits now. Still, what Bryn wants to do when she’s older will, of course, be up to her.

“If Bryn is older and wants something at a party that isn’t vegetarian, I don’t want her to feel ostracized,” Frankel wrote. “She’ll find her way.”

Still, it’s slightly unnerving to hear Frankel discuss limiting her toddler’s diet, considering she herself has been so vocal about her own issues with food.

“I’m too thin, because I’m so busy I’m not always hungry,” Frankel said in August. “I have to make myself eat more because of my busy schedule. I spent my entire life being obsessed with dieting,” she told Us Weekly earlier this year. “Bingeing and then fasting or starving. Forbidding everything. That’s how I used to be.”

Here’s hoping it’s not a fixation that Bethenny Frankel passes on to her daughter.