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There are big changes in store for the CBS chat fest “The Talk” which recently fired industry veteran actresses Leah Remini and Holly Robinson (though the politically correct thing to say is their contracts were not renewed).

The show is making room for reality TV mom Kris Jenner (Kim Kardashian’s mother) and comedienne Sheryl Underwood.

Now publicity hungry Kris Jenner has another hour long platform to simply (and only) push her and her daughter’s products and shows. Let’s keep it real–that’s all Kris is looking for.

Kris is being brought on to fill-in for Sharon Osbourne who is taking time off to be with her husband Ozzy for 2 weeks, while Sheryl is coming on as a “fill-in” with the option to become a permanent co-host.

While the search is still on for permanent hosts, Sheryl and Kris will join Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert on Sept. 6 for the debut of season 2.

According to “The Talk” insiders… “Holly brought a certain level of style and class to the panel. But, once again, ‘the powers that be’ seem threatened by a beautiful black woman who actually cares about her appearance, is not there simply to entertain the crowd and have them laugh with/at her, and has decades of experience and talent. I guess we should say hooray simply because a black woman is on TV.”

“Another interesting point is that CBS’ ‘The Talk,’ unlike ABC’s ‘The View,’ makes their main focus (and differentiating quality) on families–with the co-hosts themselves making their marriage and kids a focal point of the show. Anyone else find it interesting the ONE person on the panel that will be unmarried with no kids is the black republican female Sheryl who praises Bush and downs President Obama quite often? Holly is almost the exact opposite–married for almost 2 decades and has 5 kids and praises President Obama?”

While some critics claim to appreciate Sheryl Underwood’s previous military service, they oppose her taking a certain view simply for attention and using it as a part of their comedic image. Especially when others do not take their opinions seriously because the person can barely articulate their own views without using comedy.

One critic simply stated, “I do not agree with Sheryl being the voice of Black women on daytime TV. I’m feeling like there’s an ulterior motive at play.”

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