Sort-of-retired NFL running back Tiki Barber hasn’t found a new NFL team yet, but he has found a new bride. The former New York Giants star proposed to his 24-year-old girlfriend Traci Lynn Johnson, according to the New York Post.

Barber retired after the 2006 season to begin a career in television. He eventually alienated some of his former teammates with comments made as a broadcaster. Without Barber, the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl the following year.

His life after football took a turn for the worse after he was fired as an NBC analyst in April 2010. Reportedly, when news surfaced that Tiki was having an affair with Traci Lynn Johnson, who was an intern at the network at the time, executives worried she may file a lawsuit and win.

According to NBC sources, Barber had been having an affair with Johnson for two years while he was married. He eventually left his 8-months-pregnant wife Ginny Cha for the young blonde while his marriage ended in divorce.

Barber, who hired a PR agency last summer to repair his image, announced earlier this year that he was attempting a comeback to the NFL.

Tiki Barber, 36, recently told HBO that he needs football more than ever right now and explained that his off-field failures after retirement led to a yearlong depression.