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Former Wrestling Champion Chyna is hoping for a successful comeback – and not just in the wrestling ring.

Chyna (real name Joanie Laurer), 40, made history as the only female WWE wrestler to compete, full-time, in the men’s division. Now the award-winning wrestler-turned-reality-star has turned to adult films to maintain her lifestyle, pay bills and eat, reports say.

One source calls Chyna’s situation tragic, “It’s sad that there’s no market and no money for female wrestlers once they’re no longer useful. Hulk Hogan is almost 60-years-old and still wrestling. But fans don’t want to see a 40-year-old woman in the ring, so what are they supposed to do?!”

According to Steve Hirsch, the president of adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment, Chyna sought out his help in boosting her career.

Hirsch says, he paired Chyna up with 2 of the ‘biggest names in the adult entertainment business.’

While some see Chyna’s actions as a ‘fall from stardom’, others admit there’s little earning potential for former female wrestlers.

The film will reportedly be released on DVD in October.