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Oksana Grigorieva reportedly wants $500k from Mel Gibson for allegedly traumatizing her son.

Grigorieva, a Russian musician, and Gibson, a Hollywood actor, appeared in court on Friday as part of their legal dispute over 22-month-old daughter Lucia. They have been sharing custody of Lucia, but have still been entangled in court hearings over visitation and custody guidelines.

Mel and Oksana met separately with the judge and a mediator as they attempted to come up with a settlement, and according to reports, Grigorieva stated she wants to receive compensation from her former boyfriend.

Reportedly, Oksana wants half a million dollars for “the alleged trauma she claims Mel caused her 14-year-old son, fathered by actor Timothy Dalton”.

Oksana claims Mel traumatized her son, named Alexander, during a violent dispute. Oksana alleges that Mel was abusive to Alexander during the fight, reportedly calling him names.

According to sources, Oksana and Mel are still far from settling the financial claims or the custody case.

Mel and Oksana have had a turbulent relationship since they became romantically involved in 2009. The pair announced their breakup in April 2010 with Oksana accusing Mel of domestic violence.

Pressing charges against him in 2010, Mel ended up pleading no contest to the misdemeanor battery charges in March this year. He was sentenced to probation. He has visited poverty inflicted areas in South America as part of his community service obligations.