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Comedian Katt Williams and his erratic behavior got him “booted” out of his own comedy show Saturday night (Aug 06).

According to the L.A. Times, Katt Williams was set to perform two shows at the Improv in Ontario, California but was kicked out before beginning the second show.

Sources say Williams, 39, was so drunk during his 8pm show, that he began lashing out at the crowd for heckling him and for not laughing.

Reportedly, Katt was so “belligerent toward the crowd” that the club owners were forced to cancel his 9:30pm show.

“He was asked to leave the club, but refused,” according to one source. “The owners were forced to call the cops to escort him from the building and keep him from re-entering.”

Subsequently, Katt Wiliams was removed from the comedy lineup, and a scheduled performance on Sunday night (Aug 07) was also canceled.

Sounds like Katt is up to his old mood swings again.

In June, he called 911 and said he was famous. Well, he actually said, he was “the second most important black guy on the face of the Earth.” Later he was arrested for intimidating a witness.