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Actress Kirstie Alley is cleaning up her Twitter.com account after her blog was targeted by internet hackers.

Kirstie, who is a regular on Twitter, was surprised to see a number of odd posts on her page earlier this week which appeared to have been re-tweeted.

Alley spotted the unauthorized messages and promptly had them removed before calling on Twitter officials to investigate.

Her friend Kelly Coleman took to Kirstie Alley’s blog on Thursday (Aug 04) to notify followers of the illegal activity.

In a series of posts, Kirstie’s blog reads: “Hi this is @Kellcoleman ….Kirstie’s twitter account has been hacked and any tweets RT (retweets) from her in the last 48+ hours R (sic) hackers. Fixing now.”

“K is alive and well and will be back soon. She loves you all.”