“African American experiences with hair care can sometimes be adventurous. It’s true that there is high style variety and natural hair is more popular than ever right now. Even with its kinky texture, natural African-American hair is making a comeback.”

Throughout history women have lost site of natural beauty while others continue to embrace it, affectively calling it the “big chop.” This “big chop” consists of women cutting off all of their hair and growing it back naturally. Natural hair is a means of better hair care; it allows one to keep heat and chemicals off of the follicles which enables healthy growth. Now typically when we think of natural hair we think of thick and nappy kinks, but natural hair doesn’t cease at that. It comes in all shapes and forms, thick, thin, long, short, curly, wavy, and crinkly. But no matter the shape or form it is considered beautiful and the new way to rock your locks.

Some women stir away from the natural look because they think it’s neither appealing nor easy to manage, therefore they result to relaxers. Relaxed hair is a part of today’s standard beauty; women see this whether it is on television shows, commercials, music videos, or advertisements, and emulate it. It may be considered standardly beautiful but what people do not understand or care to consider, is that its extremely damaging. Constantly relaxing your hair and/or flat ironing it causes hair breakage and hair loss. So why not go natural.

Not only is natural hair a means of new beauty and healthy hair care, but it also plays a major role in ones self-esteem. According to the article “African American Natural Hair And Self Esteem,” “The inability to manage one’s own hair can be a source of low self-esteem for anyone. Self-esteem is how one thinks of one’s self, whether good or bad. An individual may actually accept their own hair and manage it as best they can. Yet, peers and acquaintances provide feedback that the hair is somehow unacceptable. This can take a toll on self-esteem.” This goes to show that societal opinions on what’s beautiful and what’s not weighs heavy in ones life, hence the obsession with consistently relaxing their hair.

Contrary to popular societal opinion, its ok to be the natuarl you, so rock out with the “big chop,” and embrace your healthy locks!

Check Out this Natural Hair Style Tutorial!

By: Shamari Maryland

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