In the September issue of Glamour, singer Rihanna says that she absolutely “hates drama, but at the same time, nothing bothers me more than when life’s perfect. And that’s the sick part.”

“I just love a challenge,” she adds, “whether it’s a relationship, my career, or my clothing.”

Known for her colorful, risque, and sometimes odd sense of style, Rihanna admits she purposefully selects outfits that go against the grain.

“Getting dressed, I want to pick the most bizarre pair of shorts so I can figure out how to make it look right, or work an outfit that will make people go, ‘What the hell is she wearing?'” she explains.

Rihanna also reveals that until recently, she wasn’t allowed to be the woman she wanted to be.

“In the beginning of my career, it was really strict for me. I couldn’t wear pink or red lipstick. It was just bizarre,” she explains. “We had a young fan base, and they were trying to keep me fresh. But I really just wanted to be myself. I wanted to be sassy, the attitude, all the things that I am.”

“I want to set the right example and, at the same time, live my life,” she continues. “I feel like pop stars can’t be rock stars anymore because they have to be role models, and it takes the fun out of it for us, because we just want to have fun with art.”

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