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I am having the hardest time believing this rumor!

According to TMZ, Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren appears to have moved on to new boyfriend and marketing executive Jamie Dingman.

That’s not the part that’s hard to believe. The story takes a crazy turn when you hear, this guy dated one of Tiger’s mistresses from that sex scandal, Rachel Uchitel. Some sources are saying the two were even living together in Miami when the Tiger Woods scandal broke.

As if it couldn’t seem any more far-fetched, reportedly, when Rachael got serious with Tiger, Jamie joked with her, “That’s ok. I’ll date his wife, Elin.”

But wait, there’s more. Do you remember Jen Madden? She’s the woman who sold the Tiger Woods story in the first place, getting the info when she stayed at the Miami home and overheard Rachel tell Jamie about her affair with Tiger.

If this is true, we have the makings of a made-for-tv movie.