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Jennifer Lopez is set to turn the men who tow away illegally parked cars in Miami into TV stars.

Lopez is the producer of the new reality TV series ‘South Beach Tow’, which debuts next week (July 20) on truTV.

The show revolves around Robert Ashenoff and his family towing company, which impounds cars parked illegally all over Miami.

Executive producer Simon Fields, who came across the firm when employees towed his car, says, “We shot a teaser reel on the family, I showed it to her, and she loved them.”

At first, the idea of Jennifer Lopez exec producing a truTV reality show called South Beach Tow sounds… strange. But then you find out that in Miami’s South Beach “even the rich and beautiful can have their cars towed if they park illegally or fail to keep up with their car payments.”

South Beach Tow (real name Tremont Towing) boss Robert Ashenoff has himself a million-dollar business and wants to keep it booming by starting a competition among his drivers to see who can bring in the most tows each month. And now it sounds… strangely interesting.