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“Sugar” Shane Mosley and his now ex-wife Jin Mosley came to terms on a divorce settlement that included Jin receiving his three championship belts, each of which will be handed over to the former couple’s 3 children. While losing his belts to his ex-wife is certainly embarrassing, “Sugar” Shane will at least remain in solid financial shape following the divorce.

The couple settled their divorce under California’s community property laws, which assume that all assets acquired during the marriage are community property. Under California law that property is divided 50-50 upon divorce. Assets include everything from career-related earnings to credit card points.

Mosley will have to turn over half the profits he’ll earn from tapes of any fights between November 2002 and approximately February 2009, when Jin filed for divorce. As for the credit card points, the couple accumulated 854,410 AMEX points, which means Jin gets 427,205 points.

The “good news” for Shane is that he gets to keep all video and DVD profits from his fights with Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito, which occurred after Jin filed for divorce.

The settlement provides that ex-wife Jin “shall maintain custody and control of three championship belts for each of the respective parties’ three minor children.” Each of the kids get a belt when they turn 18.

Mosley is 46-7-1 on his career, but has lost three of his last six fights. Four if you count the divorce.