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La Toya Jackson is opening up about her past and revealing shocking details about her past marriage.

In an appearance on CBS’ “The Talk” Tuesday, Jackson, 55, said her ex-husband, Jack Gordon, once offered former boxing champ Mike Tyson the chance to sleep with her — for a hefty price.

Gordon, who passed away in 2005, allegedly told Tyson that sleeping with La Toya would cost him $100,000.

Jackson, the older sister of late music icon Michael Jackson, also claimed her manager/ex-husband forced her to take part in group sex against her will.

“I was in brothels and everything,” she said. “[It was] everything I was against. He made me do Playboy twice and had me sit on the stage and say ‘Oh no, it was all my idea.’ And I had to do that because I knew what he said he would do, he would do it.”

Having allegedly suffered abuse and death threats from her then-husband during the tumultuous marriage, Jackson said she wanted to tell her story in her new autobiography, “Starting Over.”

“I wrote this book for women. It was very difficult for me, because when [Jack] took me, at that time I was a strict Jehovah’s Witness and I knew nothing about the world whatsoever,” she said.

But women aren’t the only ones who can benefit from Jackson’s book, which was written before her famous brother passed way in 2009.

“It’s about trying to get out of an abusive relationship or a relationship that someone is controlling you and there are people that come into your life and surround themselves around you,” she said. “They control your finances, everything that you do you have absolutely no say so whatsoever.”

“In the last days, I found my brother being in that same situation as I was in. I was fortunate enough to get away and start over but unfortunately he was not. It was really heartbreaking.”

Jackson has stated many times in the past that she suffered years of mental and physical abuse from Gordon, who she says forced her into marriage in 1989 and bullied her into cutting off ties from her family and friends. She filed for divorce in 1996 and sued Gordon for gender-based violence.

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