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Tracy Morgan is in hot water again following degrading comments he made about people with disabilities at a show on Saturday (June 25).

Morgan caused controversy with a series of homophobic remarks at his Nashville show two weeks ago, but disability organizations are calling on him to apologize again, according to the New York Times.

During a show at ‘Carolines’ in Manhattan, Tracy Morgan warned the audience, “Don’t ever mess with women who have retarded kids”. After a series of groans from certain section of the crowd, Morgan continued, “Them young retarded males is strong. They’re strong like chimps”. He later claimed to have dated “a cripple” who had a mechanical larynx, a prosthetic arm and a portable dialysis machine.

Morgan, 42, seems to have already angered disability organization ‘The Arc’, whose CEO Peter Berns told E! News, “This quote is far too offensive to be excused as comedy, and it is very hurtful to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families”.

Morgan recently returned to the scene of his Nashville show to apologize to audience members who were offended by homophobic jokes.

Tracy Morgan briefly discussed the homophobia scandal during his set on Saturday, telling the audience, “You’re all sitting here waiting for me say something about the controversy, right? I’m 42, man, and now all of a sudden I’m homophobic?”.