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A man suspected of hiding inside the waste tank of a portable toilet at a yoga festival in Boulder, Colorado was arrested on charges of unlawful sexual contact and invasion of privacy, police said.

Luke Irvin Chrisco, 30, an aspiring porn site owner, was arrested 100 miles west of Boulder in Vail, Colorado after police said he resembled the portable toilet suspect.

Police said the strange event occurred June 17 at the Hanuman Yoga Festival when a woman using the facility noticed movement inside the storage tank, and asked a male bystander to investigate.

The man told police he saw someone inside the tank covered in a tarp.

A security guard waited outside the lavatory for 10 minutes until a shirtless, barefoot man with numerous cuts on his back and legs, and covered in feces, emerged.

The guard tried unsuccessfully to apprehend him as he ran from the festival grounds.

Boulder Police Chief said that his department received a dozen tips on the suspect’s identity “which pointed us in the right direction.”

“I was…doing a little bit of yoga, and I’m just seeing all these goddesses,” Luke Chrisco said during a jailhouse interview. “It seems crazy, but I just felt like I was being blessed by their energy.”

Chrisco admitted to watching several women before getting caught – at one point hopping from an unused toilet to a “busy one” in order to catch more women pull down their underwear during private moments.

He admits he has been a serial peeper for years, and insists that the latest spying session wasn’t as stomach turning as it seems.

“There’s bacteria in there, but to me it’s just normal…we all have bodily fluids,” he says. “It seems terrible, but it didn’t actually smell that bad or anything. I still would have done it even if it smelled a little weird, because where there is muck, there is gold,” he says.

Cops in Boulder believe he’s been watching women in bathrooms all over town, and they have been telling local businesses to check for peepholes.

Luke Chrisco also allegedly ran several porn websites out of a hostel he was living in, and even advertised his services as a male escort, alternatively using the names, “Skye Oryan” or “BunnyMan.”

But he insists it was all for love, not money.

Chrisco faces 1 count of unlawful sexual contact and 1 count of criminal invasion of privacy. He is being held on $2,500 bond.

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