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Reality TV has claimed another friendship.

Two co-workers at a Times Square fitness center say they are no longer on speaking terms after competing together on the new ABC reality series “Expedition: Impossible.”

Mai Reyes, an assistant manager at Iowa Sports on 43rd Street, and spinning instructor Dashia Imperiale were part of a three-woman team on the “Amazing Race”-style show, which premieres June 23.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with her,” Imperiale, 44, says. “I am no longer friends with her. The whole thing is true: Choose your friends before you choose your route.”

At times, team “Latin Persuasion” looked more like the Real Housewives of Morocco as they traveled to Africa in April to compete against 12 other groups — including a trio of out-of-shape Brooklyn firefighters.

“If we could not beat the sh-t out of each other, we will win,” the team’s third member, Raven Garcia, says in a network promo.

While the feuding fitness buffs won’t dish on specifics about the fallout, Garcia, a Greenwich Village bartender, tells The Post, “One of our teammates was a bit of a diva. That is where a lot of the issues started from.”

Theirs is not the first relationship to die on the altar of reality television. From Jon and Kate Gosselin to Star Jones and Nene Leakes on “Celebrity Apprentice,” the medium thrives on pushing boundaries in high-pressure situations.

Producer Mark Burnett describes his latest adventure competition as a “real-life ‘Indiana Jones’ experience.”

Participants hoping to claim the $150,000 grand prize were required to climb snow-capped mountains, canoe through dangerous rapids and rappel down 300-foot cliffs.

“Whether we fought or we didn’t, we got it done,” Dashia Imperiale says. “We finished [the challenges]. We were arguing, but we never stopped.”

“Latinos are very passionate,” Raven Garcia adds. “[But] even when we hated each other, we had to learn to deal with each other.”

Adding to the stress, participants were required to sleep outdoors in a makeshift tent city.

“You are throwing three Latinas in the middle of the desert, and none of us have even been camping,” Garcia says.

“You were lucky if you were showering. It was definitely not the Four Seasons.”

The 30-year-old graduate of Florida International University was the last member added to the team. She had performed with Mai Reyes, 38, for two years in the off-Broadway production of “Platanos and Collard Greens.”

“The hardest part [of the expedition] was keeping us all together on the same page,” Reyes admits. “Staying focused on the goal, trusting one another.”

Mai Reyes says she has not spoken to either of her teammates since returning to New York.

“They are not happy for whatever reason,” she says. “It is understandable. It was very stressful. I can take a back seat until they are ready.”

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