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Kanye West and Mary-Kate apparently have more in common than a zodiac sign.

According to the New York Post, Kanye personally invited Mary-Kate to his 34th birthday party last Tuesday night. One of the photographers for the evening, wasn’t unaware of the picture until he began processing the images. That’s when he saw a picture of Kanye passionately kissing Mary-Kate Olsen.

Mary-Kate and twin sister Ashley are also Geminis – the former “Full House” stars turn 25 today (Monday).

If Kanye actually snagged an Olsen twin, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was Mary-Kate – since becoming a childhood star is no stranger to the tabloids, having a history of drug addiction and eating disorders that prompted too many “scary skinny” headlines to count.

The timing may be right for the two celebrities: Kanye’s two-year relationship with model Amber Rose, 28, ended last fall, while Mary-Kate broke-up with her most recent boyfriend, 32-year-old artist Nate Lowman, in February.