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Singer Ginuwine is ready for a comeback. And he’s going the tried and somewhat true route of reality tv.

Elgin “Ginuwine” Lumpkin is on the road to being known again, all while raising his kids and being a husband to wife Solé.

Solé, the “woman of God” former singer whose real name is Tanya Lumpkin, is the other focus of this “New Beginning” reality show. And we’ll see her raising the kids and being a supportive wife.

Ginuwine is trying to revive his career and make people aware of his talent and that he’s “the guy who brought dancing back.” And he’s also showing how he survives in a house full of women where he’s the sole male trying to hold it down.

The couple is raising a house full of children: Ginuwine and Sole’s two daughters Dream, 8, and Story,10. Cypress,16, and De’jan,19 are Solé’s daughters from a previous relationship. And Elgin,18, is Ginuwine’s son from a previous relationship. And most of them are seen on the show.