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With these types of women by your side, you’ll be able to weather any storm and rise to any challenge.  Here are three types of friends you’d be lucky to have from

1. The Cheerleader

Who she is: Whether she’s an old pal or someone you just met, her hallmark is her glass-half-full outlook.

Why you need her: Who couldn’t stand a little rah-rah from time to time? This kind of friend is like a sunny spring day. You feel lighter and happier being with her. Not only can she bolster your mood, she’s also the one to nudge you toward something you want to try—applying for a new job, getting a new hairdo—that you might otherwise fear.

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2. The Advice-Giver

Who she is: A colleague, a mentor, your mother—or just the smartest, most even-keeled person you’ve ever met—who’s the best advice-giver you know.

Why you need her: She’s the wise one. Nothing shocks or surprises her, and no matter what you come to her with, she won’t judge you. Instead, she’ll be there for you—after the breakup, when you’re shopping for a new home—with steady, smart counsel.

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3. The Oldest/Childhood Friend

Who she is: The one who’s known you since junior-high sleepovers, if not since you were both in diapers.

Why you need her: Quite simply, because she gets you. You don’t have to explain yourself to your oldest friends. She knows where and how you grew up, knows your parents and siblings, and gets the references to schoolteachers or hometown hangouts. Plus she tolerates your, shall we say, quirks, such as your frequent lateness or your sarcastic humor.

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