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To get you in the right mood for Valentine’s Day, we have all the right selections here. If you can’t think of what to say, just queue up these playlists and let the music do all the work. You’ll laugh, cry, feel loved, and maybe get some good good lovin’.

Baby-Making Music: Here are your songs to get the mood right for the bedroom. It’s a mix of slow and passionate to hot and up beat songs. We’re not saying these songs will produce babies, but it will get the momentum going. They’ve been tested and approved by a short list of friends, so hopefully you’ll approve after, too.

Blunt Sex Music: This playlist is all about getting the message of wanting some action out there. Whether you play this playlist before the action to get some subliminal messages go or play to just laugh about these out-there sex songs, it will be a fun time for you and your boo.

Lovey Music: During dinner or down time, turn this one on. These songs are the way to say “I Love You.” In the words of Drake, “You can thank me now.” If you need more suggests, hit me up on Twitter (@katiegarton), I have a lot.

Independent Ladies Who Don’t Need A Man: For those ladies out there that don’t mind not having someone attached to them. Play this music loud and let everyone know that this holiday will not bring you down. Go celebrate your single life.

Wallow in Your Sorrow: Valentine’s always seems to be the time to break up (signs of a cheap lover). If you’re getting over someone or just hate Valentine’s day because you don’t feel loved, get some ice cream and sing along to these songs — maybe you’ll feel some empowerment or camaraderie to others out there.

Let me know how it all works if you decide to listen to these (@katiegarton). Happy Valentine’s Day!